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Qaagi - Book of Why



This course(passive) is designedParticipation



Public participation seeks input from participants in designing how they participatedesignparticipation

the method in which people are invited to take part in preventive health programmesinfluencesparticipation

Campaigningmay influenceparticipation

Abilityto influenceparticipation

Motivations of participants , moderated by anonymity , are foundto influenceparticipation


the group ... factorsinfluencedparticipation

Feedbackcan influenceparticipation

home ownershipcausingparticipation


the meetingsinfluencesparticipation

> meetingsinfluencesparticipation

based on a desire to experience the fun , challenge , and uniqueness of the academic activity [ 25(passive) is influencedParticipation


citizens ... broader factorsinfluenceparticipation

4. Factorsinfluencingparticipation


using a variety of meansto promptparticipation

Policy and practice interventionscan influenceparticipation

This intrusive questionwill causeparticipation


empirical insights to the understanding of experienced and performed involvement combined with subjective dimensions of environmental featuresinfluenceparticipation

by particular individual features(passive) influenced byparticipation


by education(passive) influenced byparticipation

the individual , social and environmental factorsinfluenceparticipation

Error or omissionprobably ... contributesthe participation

The educational intervention based incontributesparticipation


the major factorsinfluencingparticipation

statistically significant factorsinfluencingparticipation

Both factors ... important motivationsinfluenceparticipation

each person ... on what aspects they wantto contributeParticipation

what aspects they want ... Norms , technology and informationto contributeParticipation

of political activityalso influenceparticipation

The request made by the studycan influenceparticipation

The Motivating FactorsInfluencingParticipation

to benefitscan leadto benefits

in making the event a successcontributed greatlyin making the event a success

to a unique musical performanceleadingto a unique musical performance

to engagementleadsto engagement


to greater engagement , inclusiveness , relevance leadsto greater engagement , inclusiveness , relevance

forth hereinsetforth herein

to their hostwill contributeto their host

in Article IIIsetin Article III

to involvement which is a precondition to commitmentleadsto involvement which is a precondition to commitment

to commitmentleadsto commitment

to commitmentleadsto commitment

processto contributeprocess

to acceptanceleadsto acceptance

the dramaactively influencesthe drama

a .... lotcontributesa .... lot

to progressleadsto progress

policyto influencepolicy

to policy and stimulating actionscontributingto policy and stimulating actions

to a sense of membershipWill ... leadto a sense of membership

to performanceleadsto performance

to conversation and sharingleadsto conversation and sharing

engagement through its effect on controlinfluencesengagement through its effect on control

to strong , high trust relationshipsleadingto strong , high trust relationships

in some waycontributein some way

to personal developmentcontributesto personal development

at his / her levelresultsat his / her level

otherswhere ... can contributeothers

to improve what we docan contributeto improve what we do

to strengthcontributesto strength

to acceptance form societyleadsto acceptance form society

to reduced dropout rates , increased class room attendance and overall preparedness for college or careerleadingto reduced dropout rates , increased class room attendance and overall preparedness for college or career

to the following : will contributeto the following :

to increased understandingleadsto increased understanding

to inspirationleadsto inspiration

to responsibilityleadsto responsibility

to responsibilityleadsto responsibility

to increased levels of social activitycontributesto increased levels of social activity

to the club?s causecontributedto the club?s cause

in more effective student learning and performanceresultingin more effective student learning and performance


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