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Qaagi - Book of Why



the irritantcauseseyes to water when peeling onions-

the processcauseseyes to water when onions are sliced

Archeologistsdiscoveredsmall onions in the eye sockets

the chemical processcausesmy eyes to tear when peel an onion

sulfuric compoundscausewatering of the eyes when an onion is cut

The wind suddenly shifted westcausingeyes to tear

by Burkholderia cepacia(passive) caused byonion Sour skin of onion

Exposure to prolonged coldcan causebulb onions

the bacteriacausingonion smell

The proteincausingonion smell

factorsinfluencingtaste in onions

for cooks(passive) are designedOnion goggles

also(passive) were ... discoveredOnion Juice Onions

Warm temperaturecausessprouting in onions

moisture and gascan causeonions

like all vegetables(passive) are composedOnions

Our Egyptian onion ... readyto setonions

\ Garlic as well aswill causeonions

the fungus Botrytis squamosa(passive) caused byonions

Drain soaking liquid from onion into bowl with shrimp and pineapplesetonion

also(passive) have ... been discoveredonions

by sclerotium cepivorum(passive) caused byonions

tomatoes , peppers , cilantro and the like are all begin(passive) paintedOnions

timeto setout onions

Warm temperatures and moisturewill causeonions

out of the burger(passive) have been painted Onions

by Botrytis(passive) caused byonions

well(passive) are ... designedOnions

the person ... the vegetablediscoveredonions

because I thoughthad discoveredonions

by Botrytis spp(passive) caused byonions

Botrytis spp(passive) caused byonions

m watercausesonions

in addition(passive) have ... been discoveredOnions


the persondiscoveredonions

the waythat ... was designedOnions

1Can ... causeonions

helpedsetout onions

by the mold Botrytis allii(passive) caused byonions

skin irritationsmay causeskin irritations

irritation and painmay causeirritation and pain

to these symptomscan leadto these symptoms

dogs red blood cellscan causedogs red blood cells

irritationcould causeirritation

dogscan causedogs

scalp infection and lead to hair losscausescalp infection and lead to hair loss

to burning and rednesscan leadto burning and redness

burning and rednesswill causeburning and redness

tearingcan also causetearing

the bad breath(passive) caused bythe bad breath

the infectionwhere ... is causedthe infection

flecks of burning as the rotisserie did it 's thingto causeflecks of burning as the rotisserie did it 's thing

the infection on the skincausedthe infection on the skin

in hair growthcontributesin hair growth

on the other handoriginatedon the other hand

her eyes to burn with tearscausingher eyes to burn with tears

to hair growthcan leadto hair growth

to a healthy scalpwill ... leadto a healthy scalp

irritation or any other discomfortis causingirritation or any other discomfort

anemia in dogscan causeanemia in dogs

significant stomach upset in your dog , including vomiting , diarrhea , loss of appetite , and severe abdominal painscan causesignificant stomach upset in your dog , including vomiting , diarrhea , loss of appetite , and severe abdominal pains

anemiacan causeanemia


in dogscan causein dogs

alsocan ... causealso

burning sensation and discomfort when it will get into eyesmay causeburning sensation and discomfort when it will get into eyes

alsomay ... causealso

alsomay ... leadalso

significant irritationdoes ... causesignificant irritation

irritationcan causeirritation

to " full hair regrowthledto " full hair regrowth

for hair improvementdesignedfor hair improvement

a burning feeling and extreme discomfortcould causea burning feeling and extreme discomfort

in the benefitsresultedin the benefits

a burning sensation and extreme discomfortcan causea burning sensation and extreme discomfort

you to tear up when you start chopping onionscausesyou to tear up when you start chopping onions

a burning sensation initiallymay causea burning sensation initially

in Georgiaoriginatedin Georgia

the discomforts(passive) caused bythe discomforts


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