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This understanding needs further clarificationhas causedambiguity

Abbreviationscan causeambiguity

confusioncan causeambiguity

This lack of definitioncausesambiguity

the intrusion of conflicting information or lack of information and(passive) is caused byAmbiguity

Variety with uncertaintythus causesambiguity

failure to make the particular distinction explicitwould causeambiguity

the scope of the definitions ... the documentcausesambiguity

the ambiguous lexicon in which one word has more than one meaning and it can also be caused because of the way the sentence is structure ( syntactic(passive) can be caused byAmbiguity

Limited and unclear questionscausedambiguity

vagueness and uncertain information(passive) caused byambiguity

the multiplicity of derivationscausesambiguity

to clarifycausesambiguity

Java call methodcausesambiguity

transmission fieldscauseambiguity

usually(passive) is ... causedAmbiguity

an error in drafting(passive) might be caused byd ) Ambiguity

As it is not consensus , it is likely to affect the results , ... , rightcausingambiguity

As it is not consensus , it is likely to affect the resultscausingambiguity

to affect the resultscausingambiguity

on the other handcan causeambiguity

multiple meaningscausesambiguity

Language with redundancymay causeambiguity

abbreviations ... likelyto causeambiguity

that some words are present in both of the clustersthereby causingambiguity

Wrong punctuationscan causeambiguity

sufficient informationcausingambiguity

The distinctioncan causeambiguity

some situationscauseambiguity

Homonymymay causeambiguity

its absencecould causeambiguity

by the abbreviation structure(passive) caused by. Ambiguity

incomplete language(passive) is often caused byAmbiguity

often(passive) is ... caused ambiguity

the passage that causecausesambiguity

Grammatical structuremay causeambiguity

changeable conditions in reality(passive) may be caused byAmbiguity

by Lexical , Syntactic and Syntax ambiguities(passive) caused byambiguity

by indefinite verb phrases(passive) caused by Ambiguity

they arguedmay ... causeambiguity

to ambivalenceleadsto ambivalence

to ambiguous situationsonly leadsto ambiguous situations

to further search for the resolution of ambiguitiesshould leadto further search for the resolution of ambiguities

to confusionleadsto confusion

to indecisiveness and confusionleadsto indecisiveness and confusion

to uncertainty and confusionleadsto uncertainty and confusion

like vaguenessleadslike vagueness

to misunderstandingsleadsto misunderstandings

to confusion and misinterpretationleadsto confusion and misinterpretation

to uncertaintyleadsto uncertainty

to uncertainty and speculationleadsto uncertainty and speculation

to misinterpretationleadsto misinterpretation

to mess and confusionleadsto mess and confusion

to inefficiency and confusionleadsto inefficiency and confusion

to confusion and frustrationleadsto confusion and frustration


to misunderstandings and hesitationcan leadto misunderstandings and hesitation

confusioncan causeconfusion

to interpretationleadsto interpretation

to confusionnearly always leadsto confusion

to a sense of uncertaintyhas ledto a sense of uncertainty

that ambiguity ... to conceptual confusion and unclear strategiesleadsthat ambiguity ... to conceptual confusion and unclear strategies

to misunderstandings and frustrationleadsto misunderstandings and frustration

to differing interpretations and opinionsleadsto differing interpretations and opinions

to confusion and chaosleadsto confusion and chaos

to confusiononly leadsto confusion

to indecisivenesscan leadto indecisiveness

to inaccuracyoften leadsto inaccuracy

to mixed messagescan leadto mixed messages

from namingresultingfrom naming

confusion or unnecessary technical disagreementoften causesconfusion or unnecessary technical disagreement

to confusion , poor estimates , frustration and potentially disappointmentleadsto confusion , poor estimates , frustration and potentially disappointment

to confusion , which leads to disorderleadsto confusion , which leads to disorder

to assumptionsleadsto assumptions

to false assumptions about the statement madeleadsto false assumptions about the statement made

to our confusion and inactionleadsto our confusion and inaction

uncertaintycan causeuncertainty

to confusion and mistrustleadsto confusion and mistrust

to confusion , which leads to mistakes , which leads to accidentsleadsto confusion , which leads to mistakes , which leads to accidents

the misinterpretation's causingthe misinterpretation


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